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Nestled in the rugged woodlands of Northern Ontario, along the shores of the Great Lake Superior is the little known place of Pancake Bay, home to Ebonorth Registered Kennels. Founded by June and Gerald Demers in 1995, Ebonorth is home to Belgium's "little captain", the schipperke.

Ebonorth Kennels by its very location and environment can only be described as unique. The Schips, as they are commonly called, literally have run of the land, home and office. In addition to a large kennel environment Ebonorth Schipps also claim numerous runs, a play area of 1500 square feet and 5 miles of clean white sand beaches their home turf. The play area holds various activities for the fun loving and active Schipps. Spring-time, offers a chance for one and all to run and jump through puddles from winters melting snow, while in the summer pools and shade coverings provide relief from the hot sun. Fall with its cool temperatures and gentle winds provide numerous maple leaves of red, orange and gold to chase at ones leisure. Winter however is a Schipperke's dream, as one can clearly see.

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In addition to a wonderful physical environment Ebonorth's Schipps also have a most unique nurturing environment. In addition to the love and care provided by June and Gerald Demers each animal is socialized and loving spoiled by both staff and customers of Agawa Indian Crafts and The Canadian Carver. It is in fact uncommon to enter into the store and not find a least one Schipperke overseeing the goings on of the day or attempting to run the computer. The office however, is but one area of the business the Schipps lay claim too. In their opinion the parking lot in early evening is a great area to both learn and practice for up coming shows.

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Ebonorth Registered Kennels
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