Schipperke Canada - Ebornorth Kennels

Ebonorth Registered Kennels Award Winners

 Belle Ebonorth's Lysee Belle (Belle) CKC Champion, June 1995 Pedegree Info
 Daia Ebonorth's Diamond in the Ruff (Daia) CKC Champion, June 1997
AKC Champion, July 1999
Pedegree Info
 Eddie Ebonorth's Braken Spec'l Edition (Eddie) CKC Champion, Sept. 1998  
 Reeses Braken Simply Scrumptious (Reeses) CKC Champion, May 1996  
 Sioux Ebonorth Sohe Touches My Heart (Sioux) AKC Champion, May 1998  
 Storm Ebonorth's Autumn Stormy Boy CKC Champion, Aug. 1996
AKC Champion, Oct. 1998

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Ebonorth Registered Kennels
Highway 17N, Pancake Bay, Ontario P0S 1E0
Phone: (705) 882-2311, Fax (705) 882-2314
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