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By Carl DeWalt

A humourous sketch of the Schipperke as depicted by Carl DeWalt

Between the tiniest of all dogs and the biggest of all dogs, we find the delightful little character called the Schipperke. Schipperkes come in assorted sizes and weights, but all have the same black colour. Their motto, "to serve and love their master", enables them to enjoy every minute, of every hour, of every day.

Schipperkes are found everywhere, in Missouri, New York, Florida, and Texas, even in England, Belgium, France or Sweden. Husbands and wives love them, children enjoy them, business callers ignore them, postmen tolerate them, and heaven protects them. When you are busy, a Schipperke becomes an incorrigible bundle of wants. When he sees a new piece of furniture moved into his domain, it becomes a sadistic jungle creature, intent on destroying him and his world around him.

A Schipperke is composite: he has the appetite of a horse, the liquid consumption of a thirsty cow, the energy of a pocket sized hydrogen bomb, the curiosity of a woman, the lungs of a dictator, and the enthusiasm of a GI gazing upon a pretty girl.

A Schipperke is a magical creature. You can lock him out of your house, but you cannot lock him out of your heart. You can shut him out of your den, but not out of your mind. You had better give up! Let¼s face it, he is your captor, enthusiast and master. He is a tolerant, selfish, fun loving, dynamic, stubborn, mistake making ball of fire. But beyond this, his highest conception of life is to delegate his energies and his love to his family. True it is that your life is worthwhile, because when you come home with only the shattered pieces of your expectations and dreams, they melt completely away as soon as your little Schipperke meets you with that familiar little wagging behind, and your slightly chewed slippers.

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