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The following is a list of current residents in Ebonorth Kennels, each with its distinctive personality and very special place in my heart. I am proud of all that they have accomplished and thankful for all the years of laughter and happiness they have given me. A very special thank-you to each and every one of you.


  Born On: Bred By: Owned By: Sire: Dam: Description:
Ebonorth Shake the Sugar Tree "Pam" "April"

Canadian/American Champion
Dec. 2, 2000     Ch. Rivendel's Jaunty Peter Ch. Ebonorth Shak'n Things Up Pretty Pam is always on the go. Nothing is too small for her inquisitive nose to examine. She is a true Schipperke- perky, sweet and very loving.
MPS Carrier
Ebonorth Chatelet I Write the Songs (Barry)

American Champion
Oct. 1, 2002 Bred by Carole Luke and June Demers June Demers Ch. Chatelet Denell Just Imagine Ch. Ebonorth International Velvet Barry is a very laidback Schipperke- nothing fazes him. His favourite occupation is lying on top of anything watching the world go by.
MPS Carrier
News Flash: Nov. 4, 5 shows and 5 majors! Thanks to Michelle Kasten. Barry will be cominghoe to mature and work on his Canadian Champion.

The weekend of October 17/18 2003 at his first shows he won both his majors. Many thanks to Michele kasten for showing him for us.

Ch. Ebonorth Chatelet Foolish Pleasures "April"

Canadian/American Champion
    June Demers Ch. Chatelet Denell Just Imagine Ch. Ebonorth International Velvet April is small but mighty. Nothing new misses her notice. She is the Mother of a litter of 4 born June 25th, 2003. With Ch. Dante's Headliner as their Father and April as their Mother. These 4 pups show great promise for the breed
News Flash: Both majors won at Specialities as a puppy with Amy Halterman and finished with Michelle Kasten handling her. Many thanks to Amy and Michelle. April will be coming home to continue her diet and tr to regain her girlish figure.
Dante's Headliner "Herb"

American/Canadian Champion
    June Demers Ch. Skipalong's Bottom Line Ch. Braken Supertramp V Dante Herb is 12 years old. I "stole" him from his early retirement home in Wisconsin and put him back to work. His laidback personality and gentle ways are an asset to to the Schipperke breed. Herb now lives in Sault Ste Marie with his young son but is always eager to come and visit his old harem at Ebonorth.
Ebonorth Braken Special Edition "Eddy"

American/Canadian Champion
    June Demers Ch. Braken Black Briar Bramble Ch. Ebonorth Lysee Belle Eddy is now retired and rules the roost over his humans , Laurie and Shane, as well as helping out with an assortment of rescued Skips in New York.With his frequent visits to retirement homes he brings love and joy to numerous elderly folk.
Braken Simply Scrumptious
American/Canadian Champion
11/22/93 Dolores Arste
Pedigree Info
June Demers CH Skipalong Binsky The Bear ROM CH Braken Crimson N Clover Commonly known by those who love her as Reeses. She is a rock upon which I lean, a smiling face to brighten my day and generous with doggie kisses too!
Update Oct. '03: Ch. Braken Simply Scrumptious ( Princess Reeses) has retired and is now a true Princess. She reigns over the Chemistry department with Dr Storhof at the University of Indiana in Muncie. All her subjects in the Chemistry Department have supplies of treats to hand out on her daily rounds.
Ebonorth's Lysee Belle
Canadian Champion
--- June Demers June Demers
Pedigree Info
Can CH Ebony's Beau Buddy Ebony of Nice Things North Ebonorth's Bella, daughter of my original two Schips. A loving and dedicated mother. A wonderful companion and excellent teacher
Update Oct. '03: Ch. Ebonorth Lysee Belle, Mother of 7 Champions, has joined her daughter, Rabbit, in retirement with Debra in Kalamazoo. She truly is the Matriarch and rules over all, including the resident Doberman.
Ebonorth Sohe Touches My Heart
American/Canadian Champion
1/17/97 June Demers
Pedigree Info
June Demers Am/Can CH Braken On Line Am/Can CH Braken Simply Scrumptious A real gentleman at heart. A very loyal and loving Schip, never a dull moment when Sioux is around. He is what I would call a real "people dog".
Update Oct. '03: Ch. Ebonorth SoHe Touches My Heart lives the life of Riley with a long time Skip lover in Michigan. His best friend, another Schipperke named Ruby watches over him and and acts as his ears . Sioux is deaf but he remains a sweet gentleman.
Ebonorth's Diamond In The Ruff
American/Canadian Champion
3/11/96 June Demers
Pedigree Info
June Demers CH Braken's Black Briar Bramble Can CH Ebonorth's Lysee Belle Another descendent of my original two, Daia is a wonderful example of Northern Ontario's natural beauty and freshness. A very curious and energetic Schip, whom has provide not only our staff and myself numerous hours of laughter and grins, but also our customers. No Schip is quite as computer literate as Daia believes she is.
Update Oct. '03: Ch Ebonorth Diamond in the Ruff. Daia has joined her brother Ch. Ebonorth Almost Perfect Pitch (Treble) in Evanston where they live with my daughter Linette and her beau, James. They are becoming very familiar with the walk paths in their area and often go jogging along the shores of Lake Michigan.
Ebonorth Braken Spec'l Edition
Canadian Champion
9/29/97 June Demers
Pedigree Info
June Demers Braken Puttin On the Ritz Can CH Ebonorth's Lysee Belle --
Ebonorth's Autumn Stormy Boy
American/Canadian Champion
8/13/95 June Demers
Pedegree Info
June Demers Am/Can CH Magecho's Dapper Dan Magecho's Misty Everyone's little sweetheart. Storm is a wonderful loving and loyal Schip. A cherished gift from my husband, Storm is a wonderful representative of all I would like my Kennel's to be; loving, loyal and a wonderful companion.
Can/Am Ch. Ebonorth Chalet Just Jok.n "Murphy"
April 1st 2001 June Demers and Carole Luke
June Demers and Carole Luke Champion Chatelet Denell Just Imagine Cdn/Am. Champion Ebonorth International Velvet Murphy received both his Canadian and his American Championship before the age of 2. He is MPS clear.

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